Hello Sailor – Nautical Style

No matter what new and perhaps bizarre trends that the fashion world and influential designers decide to throw at us, there will always be some trends that are pretty much perennially in fashion. And one of those trends that seems to crop up every summer is that of nautical style which is simply a style classic that will suit you no matter you size, shape or age and that will always look great. Continue reading →

Fun Summer Accessories

With the warmer summer months and the longer days that they bring along with them most of us tend to play around with our styles and beauty looks a little. Maybe it’s because our tan lets us suit more colours or perhaps it’s simply because we’re out and about a bit more thanks to the better weather. Whatever the reason, summer is that time of the year when we can be a little bit more daring and shake things up style-wise and that includes with our accessories. Continue reading →

Magnificent Maxi Dresses

If you are one of those people that cling to their jeans and bulky woolly jumpers even long after the chill weather of winter has passed then the thought of revealing a bit more skin can be a bit of a grim prospect especially when you are still working on your summer tan. But don’t worry since the maxi dress style has you covered as a great transition piece from spring into summer that lets you stay covered up yet cool at the same time. Continue reading →